Why Your Open Water Swim Training Should Be More Than swimming Laps

Open Water Swim Training- Some Key Questions

It’s a habit. Turn up to Pugneys and other open water swim venues, leap in and swim. We see it every session. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this if your goal is simply to enjoy open water swimming. If your goal is to race triathlon and you are training for competitions then make the most of every training opportunity.

Ask: How’s it going?

Each leg of the swim or each lap check in on yourself. How do you feel? How well am I swimming / sighting/ breathing? How’s my pace? What did I set out to practice today?

Ask: How quickly can I get my wetsuit off?

Every swim, leave the water and practice getting out of your wetsuit. Please check you have a costume on underneath otherwise the spotters will have tweeted what they’ve seen before you even make the changing rooms.

Ask: Did I achieve my focus?

Has this session made you a better OW Swimmer? What do you need to practice next time? Do I need some help or some feedback?

Ask: How much fun was that?

Always answer. It was super brilliant fun. Can’t wait till next time…



No two athletes are the same. You have a busy and deserves our very best. We take the time to get to know you so we can help you experience tri – sports at your best.