Triathlete case study: Vicky Jowett

vickyj3Tell us something about yourself as an athlete…

As a child/teenager I used to swim and play netball, but during my twenties I was just a gym bunny – more for vanity reasons than with any specific training or fitness goals in mind. I moved to Australia in 2011 and discovered triathlon in 2012 – I was immediately hooked, and by the end of my first season I’d done a few sprints, an Olympic, and my first half ironman (Mandurah 70.3 , which I did in 5:36). I moved back to the UK in 2013 and did a few events that year, but didn’t really make any progress. I decided to step it up in 2014 and enter Outlaw, which is when I thought about looking for a coach, as the enormity of what I’d signed up for began to hit me!!

 What were your goals for the season?....

To complete my first iron distance triathlon (Outlaw)

 Why did you want coaching? (4)

To help me focus and achieve better consistency and overall fitness.

 How did your coach help?...

Where do I begin?! Every single result I achieved during this season I attribute about 80% to Dave, I just (mostly!) did as I was told. For someone with an all or nothing personality, I used to have a tendency towards overtraining for a period of time, wearing myself out, and having to constantly have breaks and gaps in training. Dave has taught me to train smart and get maximum benefits, whilst ensuring consistency. As well as that, he has been a much needed sounding board for all my training, work, and general life issues and woes!

 What did you achieve? (5)

Best results this season:  (there are more if you want them...)

-Ripon Tri – 2:31, 2nd in age group

-Outlaw – 11:52, 3rd in age group and 11th female overall

-Leeds Tri – 2:40, won age group and 6th female overall

-Qualified for and raced in ETU middle distance championships in Majorca for the GB age group team

(...basically, more than I ever thought possible!)

 Would  you  recommend  other  athletes  work  with  a  qualified  coach?  (if  so  why / who  might  benefit)?

Yes 100%. Working with a coach has increased and improved my performance and development as an athlete more than I thought possible. I also understand and listen to my body much more than I used to. I think working with a coach can benefit triathletes of all levels, from those first starting out in the sport to seasoned athletes who just want that extra edge. ...back to personal coaching

Vicky Jowett