RunningSome new triathletes may be starting from ground zero, with no experience in swim, bike or run. If this is you welcome to the brilliant sport of triathlon. Others of you may be top competitors in one or more of the triathlon disciplines but have yet to put it all together in one race. These three top tips work for everyone.

1. Don’t focus on what you can’t do. Each element of triathlon is a technical sport in its own right. You will make rapid progress by simply learning how to do it. After all, in your first triathlon race you will probably set a PB in your least favoured discipline simply because you’ve trained at it for a short while. Focus on your strengths. If you consider your best element is running, don’t kill yourself on the swim and the bike leaving nothing left for the run.
Better still is to improve the parts which you are OK at. This is your zone of greatest potential. Improving from being a great performer to a brilliant triathlete is very difficult. Moving from being a beginner to becoming good takes time. Improving your ‘OK’ by 10% is super easy and brings quick returns.

2. Save spending money on a super light bike by keeping a food diary. You can spend thousands of pounds shaving grams off the weight of your bike and then ‘waist’ the savings with a pork pie. Believe me. But seriously whatever build you are you can make rapid improvements in your health, recovery, ability to train and race with a well-balanced diet. If you are not sure if you have achieved this use your phone camera to take a photo of everything you consume in a week and just check you’re not eating junk. The results are often surprising.

3. Whenever you train focus on one specific technique. Never train without thinking about what technique you are going to work on. OWS: sighting. Bike: pedal stroke. Run: relaxed. Swim: body position after each turn. If you’re not sure ask one of the coaches to give you some help. Doing this means you will improve your technique rapidly. The bonus is that when you are racing and getting tired you have things you can focus on which will maintain good form…back to Qi Tri

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