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How to become F.A.S.T


Train easy ... and hard The track sessions this week were a microcosm of everything I believe is important in triathlon. I always see the [...]

How to become F.A.S.T2015-02-10T12:05:22+00:00

Extreme Cycle Roller Training


https://vimeo.com/110008154 I thought this new challenge might amuse you all.  In fact it is a fusion of sports that could help keep you interested on [...]

Extreme Cycle Roller Training2015-09-28T08:57:30+00:00

Terrific Transitions


For the last few Friday evenings I‘ve had a great time coaching Wakefield Junior Triathletes.  They meet at Thornes Park Athletic Track for a 90 [...]

Terrific Transitions2015-11-22T12:28:10+00:00

10 top tips for getting lean


Many triathletes ask me the same questions about what they would like to achieve in the forthcoming season.  They are usually linked to the triathletes holy grail: [...]

10 top tips for getting lean2015-11-22T12:25:08+00:00

Optimum Pacing


When I arrived at the gym I noticed an old friend using the treadmill. He is a wise, highly experienced fell runner and always uses [...]

Optimum Pacing2014-12-08T16:38:08+00:00
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