Self-aware triathlete 2: Training mindset

I caught up with Nick Marriot, legendary swim coach this week.  As usual we were talking ‘coaching’.  Both of us believe our role as coaches is to help triathletes become self-aware.  How do you help people develop a ‘feel’ for swimming, biking, running or transition (SBRT)?

The first part of this process has to be to develop a ‘self-aware’ training mindset. How close are you to this?

Do you:

  • Plan your training?
  • Know what you need to improve to become more efficient at SBRT?
  • Have a technique focus for each training session?
  • Have a habit of ‘self-checking’ your technique when you train?
  • Evaluate each session


Do you just swim a length, go for a ride or run?

As someone who is not naturally inclined to do paper work let me emphasis that this self-aware training mindset could involve record keeping and completing a detailed analysis.  I use Training Peaks, Garmin and heart rate monitor so I can, if inclined, have a look at the numbers.  It works just as well if you take 10 seconds before you start a training session to tune in to what you are doing, pick a focus and notice what is happening as you train. When you finish the session ask yourself how it went and make a mental note about where to focus during your next training session.

Becoming a self-aware triathlete is a way of thinking - a mindset.  It is hard work to stay focused but you cannot fail to improve if you can get into this habit.

As a final note.  You can just decide to focus on smiling while you train.  My focus while climbing Col Petit St Bernard in the summer was just that! Boy was that hard to maintain.

Train happy.