Run like a kid


Running is such a wonderfully natural thing to do.  Just watch young children at play, they run all the time, and often just for the [...]

Run like a kid2014-12-08T16:31:32+00:00

How to become F.A.S.T


Train easy ... and hard The track sessions this week were a microcosm of everything I believe is important in triathlon. I always see the [...]

How to become F.A.S.T2015-02-10T12:05:22+00:00

Optimum Pacing


When I arrived at the gym I noticed an old friend using the treadmill. He is a wise, highly experienced fell runner and always uses [...]

Optimum Pacing2014-12-08T16:38:08+00:00

Metronome running


I've noticed how hard people find running to a higher cadence.  This idea may help. Try using a clip on metronome or finnis tempo trainer. [...]

Metronome running2014-11-01T14:05:14+00:00
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