03B63468Running is such a wonderfully natural thing to do.  Just watch young children at play, they run all the time, and often just for the joy of running a few steps.

In fact human beings are designed to run.  Our ancestors, not that long ago, would spend their days running across the grasslands in search of a meal.  It is our natural state.  Ancient humans would run down their prey.  Our physiology gives us the ability to sweat and as such we can maintain our body temperature at an optimum state even when it is very hot.  The human pack would simply keep a prey animal running until it dropped dead from heat exhaustion.  Humans, even very young ones are designed to walk and run all day long.  This means running a marathon distance or completing a long endurance race distance would have been something our ancestors could have done anytime they needed to eat.

I love to watch Triathletes in there natural state as they gamble and frolic with wanton abandon across tracks, roads and fields.  The joy from the freedom of running etched into their faces as they hark back to those carefree days running across the plains.  Well, those that are under 5 years of age!  Run like a kid video  … back to run

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