In order to review products and services effectively we needed to choose some criteria to help us make a judgement.  This of course is totally subjective and what works for the reviewer might be ridiculous for someone else. The reviewer is asked to stand in the shoes of an average age group triathlete when they make their judgement.  Unless it is a product for children, in which case we take the product down to the Junior Triathlon Club and ask them to give an opinion.

1 Is the product useful?  Our reviewer has to explain what they mean by useful and then make their judgement.

Scores:  1  Don’t bother     3 Not particularly good     7   Might be beneficial     10 I need one

2  Customer effort.   How hard is it to use?

Scores:  1 Very hard    2   Not easy to achieve the benefits   7  Good but needs effort    10  Piece of cake

3  Hype rating   How much marketing spin is needed to make the product appealing?

Scores:  1 Mainly bull….     3  Dubious      7   Slightly overstated    10   Sound

4  Would we recommend it?

Scores:   1  No      3   Unlikely     7  To some people     10  Yep

Other more useful criteria might be used from time to time.