Monster Climbs Challenge


Monster Climbs Challenge is an introduction to the fantastic ascents of the Pennine hills on the borders of West and South Yorkshire. All these routes are beloved by cyclists in this area some have been used as National hill climb courses, some have seen the Tour of Britain pass by, several have been used on the Tour de France, others are simply local gems.

The scenery is truly stunning with many of the benches rested upon by ‘Compo and Clegg’ in ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ being passed either slowly or at speed. Take the opportunity to appreciate our beautiful valleys and hills as you find the few easy-going parts of the road.

The weather around here can be truly lovely, with summer sunshine raising the temperature to almost warm. For the rest of the year be prepared for Yorkshire weather, sometimes wet, sometimes cool, but always delightfully variable.

Each of the Monster Climb Challenges is a circular route, starting near a pub or café and therefore finishing near a pub or cafe. Parking is usually no problem.

Only a few sections are on ‘A’ roads but several are crossed, so take care. The rest is on glorious country roads. The surface is by and large good but our climate is apparently not good for tarmac so you will encounter grit on the bends and some potholes. Ride with care. Stay vigilant and play your part in keeping this a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

The challenge is designed as a progression so as your hill climbing ability improves you will become sprightly enough to tackle the hardest route; ‘11 out of 10’. A worthy test of persistence if nothing else. Most routes can be shortened if you are just embarking on your lifelong love of riding steep hills and don’t want the full experience.

Monster Climbs Challenges

White Horse 3

Vineyard 4

Bank View 5

Strines 6

11 out of 10

Each is describe on this blog site. Where you will find a route description for each, map, and a link to the route at www.mapmytri .com where you’ll there are further download facilities and a leader board.

Don’t be fooled by the total amount of ascent shown on the route. These are sharp hills which require plenty of gears and even then you’ll be wishing for more. Gradients of 25% plus are not uncommon. These are not Alpine passes where you can sit back and grind all day, Yorkshire Hills bite! More climbing does not necessarily mean harder.

To acknowledge my appreciation of you taking time to try my challenge, as you complete each one send me an e-mail with the date you achieved glory. In return I’ll present you with a certificate to stick on the wall alongside your kids swimming and judo awards. Don’t get too excited it’s a pdf and you’ll have to print it yourself. If you’ve no children to impress then take them to work and sneak them into the company trophy cabinet. Send a photo.

Have fun, ride safe.