I’ve noticed how hard people find running to a higher cadence.  This idea may help. Try using a clip on metronome or finnis tempo trainer.  This can be set to bleep at the cadence you are aspiring to. I’ve tried it and found it does take a bit of getting used to.  A small incremental change to make a gradual lasting increase is probably easiest.

The hard bit for me is ‘hearing’ when my foot hits the floor, and linking this to the beat of the metronome.  One trick I used whilst pace counting in orienteering was to tie a small bell to one foot so it jingled each time my foot struck the ground.

This of course means you run along whilst bleeping and jingling.  It’s almost like being a running one man band. You never know it may be the catalyst you need to become a super efficient runner. Or maybe a fast-moving musician.

Video to help with running cadence: click here  …. back to run

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