My shaddow on Col de Madeline

I note here in ‘Cycling’, a fine article by Charles Fearnley (the well know cyclists’ health and fitness expert) that:

Cycling can never cause varicose veins
Cycling up hill is a natural breathing exercise
‘Dropped’ handlebars cannot cause hollow chests or rounded shoulders
If exertion demands breathe in through the mouth.  It is not essential always to breathe through the nose
April 8th 1936, if you want to look up the full article.

All those years ago people were looking towards improving their performance on a bike.  Dave Brailsford and those good chaps at British Cycling weren’t the first ones to be looking for marginal gains.

Hold on!  I turn to page 407 to find an interesting article by A.C. Davison, with diagrams to explain ‘Ankling that isn’t’, or how to improve pedal action. He promises that ‘Even without anything but practice  … the novice will feel better, look better, ride better on the level and claw his way up hills that previously would have beaten him.’  That’s the sort of thing I’m looking for!

These pages are part of a quest to discover ideas to help us all improve as cyclist…   return to bike

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