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Send us a message and we will take the time to get to know you so we can help you find your amazing adventure.


    Still not sure if we can be of help? Check through some frequently asked questions and then send us a message.

    You may have a specific race goal you want to achieve.  Or you may have entered the race and find you are struggling to focus your training.  Or you may have realised you need some specific help. 

    In that case we can do a quick intervention where we take a look at your current training and  give some feedback on how this might be fine tuned.

    We can caoch you through to your desired race.  This will involve planning your workouts and giving regular feedback using on of our coaching plans.

    Sometimes people want help months in advance, at other times it is a few months before you hit the start line.

    Simple rule of thumb, don’t leave it late.  You won’t be able to make any meaningful adjustments the week before a race.

    We work with Training Peaks for most of our services.  This means we use their payment schedules if you come to us from their coach match service.

    See our list of charges.

    Clients who come to us direct from our website will not be charged the introduction fee.

    Payment is by BACS monthly or by PAYPAL.  You can cancel your subscription at anytime.  Just let us know.

    We coach Junior Triathletes in our local area as part of organised Triathlon Club Sessions.  However we do not coach anyone under 18 years.  This is for reasons of ensuring safeguarding. 

    Yes we do.  These change regularly so keep an eye on our home page

    Absolutely not. But let me qualify this…

    We love coaching people with different abilities, experience, ages and differences. Whatever raw materials you have to work with, you can have fun learning, training and competing with us.  Our mission is to help you find what you can do.  We want you to become aware of your abilities and make to most of what you’ve got.  We may not all become champion athletes but we can achieve remarkable things together.

    We need to know what medical inhibitions you have.  You need to ensure your Dr is happy for you to train and compete.  If you have a medical condition you need to know how to control it, know your limitations and work within rather than pushing your boundaries.

    Staying healthy is a key factor.  We need to know if you are not healthy.  We are Coaches not Drs.