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Personal Triathlon Coaching

Your first step towards your winning line

A coach is someone who can support you towards our goals. Often we know what to do but need a second opinion. Sometimes we get so involved we don’t keep things in perspective possibly worrying we’ve not done enough training. When it all goes ‘pear’ shaped then sometimes it’s good to have someone who can help you stay on track.

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What You Can Expect From Your Triathlon Coach

Your guide to trithlon success

The coach will create a training plan which takes account of your lifestyle. itriwetri training plans are not highly complex, we like to keep it simple. We occasionally watch you swim, bike and run so we can help you become a beautiful runner, effective cyclist or smooth swimmer. Technique is everything in our eyes.

Each time you complete a training session you fill in a training diary online so we can keep track of your progress. We use Training Peaks which will synchronise with a Garmin cycle computer or training watch. The data will help us fine tune your training each week. It also helps us spot the warning signs that you might be about to suffer an injury or illness.

Each week we have a chat over skype or phone to review what you’ve achieved and plan the forthcoming sessions.

Consistent training is the key to everything.

When people join us they often have a record of their previous training. It’s not essential but reveals the truth. Most people need a coach to help them train consistently. You may think you train regularly but when you look at your past workouts how many spaces are there in your training record. This is so common in people who train for a big challenge like a marathon, they achieve their goal, and then STOP. Speaking with your coach each week gives structure to your training and lets you take control over your fitness and health

Learn about yourself

Having a coach is a learnin experience. We coach people who are coaches, PT instructors, and life long athletes. They all know they can learn more about training, racing and becoming more effective athletes. You coach will enhance your knowledge,

More important

You coach helps you become more self-aware. We live our lives in a bubble. We do stuff, like training. We are not tuned in to the experience. How are you sitting while reading this? Which muscles are tense? How are you breathing, right now? When our athletes notice how they swim, bike and run then they have become self-aware athletes and they experience more.

Stay on track

Keep your eye on the prize. You may work with a coach towards a specific goal like completing a 5km open water swim or 100 mile bike ride, or qualiffy for the National Age Group team for the world championship.

That’s brilliant.

But why? What is your long term goal? To keep fit? To be able to experience many different races? To enjoy being active and mobile for the rest of your life? What is you life style prize?

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