Project Description

Ultra, Marathon, Trail and Fell

Swim, bike and run are alos done to the extreeme. It seems we are lured to the inspiration of taking part in huge challenges. Some people are well suited to super endurance racing and will compete in an ultra every couple of weeks with no problem. For others the desire to find your limits can be a great appeal.

Can you swim 10km in open water? Run a traditional Lakeland classic fell race? Ride LEJOG ( Lands End to John O’Groats)? Marmotte or Maratonna rides in the Alps? Norseman triathlon? Ottillo? Derwent Ultra 50 mile trail run? Or a quick marathon? If you’d like to find out what you can do then you need a coach.

What is a long endurance race?

It all dedends on your concept of long. We know humans are designed for endurance.  even athletes who claim to have fast twitch muscles can, with training and a shift in mindset, go long.

An Ironman is likely to take 9-17 hours.  Ottillo run-spring races usually take my team 7 hours.  100 mile bike ride is 5 hours of effort.  All your body understands is it is working at low intensity for a long time.  You’re not using sugars for fuel but stored fat.

If you’ve completed a 70.3 triathlon and as you crossed the finish line believed doing double for an Ironman would be impossible.  Think again.  Once you have a finish line in mind, you will cross it. 

Any ultra is hard.  You need to prepare your body for the adventure. As important is preparing your mind and spirit.

We’ve raced long, sometimes just for the challenge, at others chasing the glory.  Whatever challenge you choose, a coach will make preparing for your adventure so much easier.


I engaged the services of Dave Bradley to help me with a late-starting marathon training campaign. Due to work commitments and lack of time, I had pretty much resigned myself to postponing my participation to the following year.
Dave helped me to focus on getting started and gently getting back into the flow of things. His encouragement, thorough knowledge and time-management tips really helped me get back on track.
Unlike previous training campaigns, Dave kept the goals and the diary realistic. He was always encouraging and had good ideas to work on form, build endurance and develop speed. He offered great insights and sound advice, which helped me through the difficult parts of the training and got me to the start line in one-piece and confident.
The upshot of all this was that I ran round the crowded London Marathon course in 3hrs 19, which to say that only a few weeks previously I was doubtful to be participating in, was a minor miracle!

I am very grateful to Dave for the excellent coaching and helping me enjoy my training and the race. If you want great support, good humour and to enjoy your training more, I strongly recommend you take on Dave to be part of your team.BLC LOGO 1A

Dave Hill