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The alure of the Ironman

For many the world of long distance racing is a pinacle to which they aspire.

For triathletes it can be the ultimate goal. Something you just have to do because it’s part of the history of our sport.

Some love them and do an Ironman or more each year.

If you’ve arrived on this page then you are at least curious. What is an Ironman? Could I do one? Can women do IronMAN? (They are usually better suited to it than men). You need to know more!

What is an Ironman Triathlon?

Ironman is where our sport started. A bet turned into a mad race in Kona Hawai. The 3.8 km swim across the bay. Followed by 190km bike across the local hills. With a 42km run to seal the deal. Each year the race is rerun as the Ironman World Championships. The name Ironman has been written into folklaw. It is now a massively successful triathlon race brand. John has competed at Kona. Many would love to qualify but this is very difficult. Ironman races around the planet sell out fast. The top athletes are fighting it out to win the very few slots in each age group to get to Kona. If you ever get one of these coverted places, sell your house,car and granny. You have to do it.

For the rest of we dreamers an Ironman or long distance triathlon is a tough day out swim, bike and running. Completing is hard but not out of reach for most fit people.

Ironman 70.3 racing

Formerly known as the Half Ironman. 1.8km swim/ 90km bike/ 21 km run. Now reconised as the middle distance for triathlon. Wimbleball 70.3 was my first triathlon. I’d never recomend you do a 70.3 as your first event but I was naive and didn’t know better. Boy it was an awakening. It’s a great distance to race. There are lots of good events on the calendar. You can do exotic 70.3s all over the planet if you have the budget. Nice in the south of France is my personal favourite because I love the town The training is not as arduous as for an Ironman but you still have to do a lot of training. This is an event you shouldn’t take lightly.

Rule 1 for Ironman races is get an entry first. The popular races sell out very quickly. Vichy, Penticton, Austria to name a few are hard to get an entry. Non Ironman brands like the Outlaw in Nottingham are the same. Once you’ve made the decision, ENTER.

Training for Ironman and 70.3

You would be right to think that training for an Ironman or 70.3 is a big comittment. However, with careful planning and some skillful negotiation with family and freinds it is achievable. You will need to find time to do some very long rides and long brick workouts. They are not everyday and most importantly the training is always nice and easy. Long distance races need a good lead in period of training for most people. 6-9 months to build up to your big race is the norm. Every athlete is different. All athletes know the Ironman distance is to be respected then you will have a great day out and a brilliant experience.

Race weekend

To add to the excitement you will also need to get to grips with the race logistics. You will arrive at the race a few days in advance to familiarize yourself with the location and to soak up the atmosphere. Booking flights, hotels and tansport is fun. You can go to amazing places that normal tourist don’t visit, all in the name of ‘racing’.

Registration, collecting your race numbers and timing chips needs to be done in good time. Racking your bike and sorting your kit for transitions is another interesting task which our coaches have figured out through racing with multiple race organizers. They all have similar systems but it can be confusing for the first timer.

Then race.

Coaches help you find the right nutrition to fuel your hours of toil. Pacing a race is important, get it right and you will race efficiently. Get it not quite right and your day will be harder.

As you approach the finishing arch, crowds will cheer. Your loved ones will be delighted for you and proud to be associated with an Ironman finisher. When they put your finishers medal around your neck it is an emotional moment you will never forget

The Ironman slump

What next? We know many people who complete their big race and then don’t touch a bike for 12 months. It’s the Ironman slump. Why waste your best ever fitness? A few weeks later you’ll be recovered and ready for your next challenge. Maybe not as big. This is where your caoch will help you find further tri sport fun. We help you build the fitness habits that will keep you energized and healthy for life!