Project Description

Share a great challenge. Succeed together

What is group coaching?

Complete a triathlon, a cycle challenge, or run a marathon to raise money for your favourite cause or just as an epic challenge. There is nothing more motivating than joining with your colleagues,friends or family. Getting from the start line to the finishing tape is only part of your journey together. Training together can be just as rewarding. Helping each of you get fit enough to to achieve the goal is what itriwetri group coaching is designed to do.

How does group coaching work?

You’ve chosen the challenge and have a group who are committed to the cause. Some of you will be super fit whereas others of you will be able to use this adventure as the opportunity to create a new lifestyle.

itriwetri coaches are ready to guide your group and each participant. We create training plans for each of you. Where possible we help your group create opportunities to train together.

Each week we have a group coaching session using the itriwetri live online academy. A great opportunity for everyone to join in live online even when some of your group may be at different locations across the planet.

We will complete the coaching by preparing each you for your race day.

Share a great challenge. Succeed together.