Project Description

Dream Big

Representing your nation at a World or European Championship is not an honour confined to young sporting elite competitors. Age Group Competition is an aspiration in the reach of many people. Although I have to say it’s not easy. The elite simply get older!

With dedication, focus and careful qualification race selection you too could be wearing a GB trisuit. We, and many of our athletes have competed around the World and most of the major championships, from Kona, and 70.3 to Triathlon Sprints, there is plenty of opportunity.

How to Qualify?

It depends where you live. I’m only familiar with the GB Age Group qualification. Each nation will have their own criteria. GB tends to be the hardest nation to get a qualification place because GB has so many people who want to wear the GB trisuit. Team GB always has the biggest contingent of competitors although Germany has developed their Age Group racing and is well represented.

The best people in you age group in the world are at the championships. They are brilliant. Just look at the championship times for your age group and ask if you could do this sort of performance? Qualification is tough. Even in the older age groups you have to be able to perform well. There may be fewer competitors as you get older but they are highly trained and very motivated. The British Triathlon website has all the rules and races here.

There are 3 qualifier races. 3 opportunities to get a good place. With careful training, planning and peaking at the right time you can put yourself in with a chance. We have trained numerous GB Age Group athletes at all distances. Is this your adventure?

Current GB Qualification Races LATEST

There are none. Covid-19 has put our dreams on hold this year. It seems that if you qualified last year 2019 for the 2020 championships you automatically qualify for the World and European championships in 2021. Great news for some of us who qualified for Edmonton World champs this year. It now means a trip to the Bahams next year. Hopefully, qualifiers will happen next year. HOWEVER, this is a fast changing landscape so these words may have changed.

To qualify for the GB Age Group team is a long term aspiration that needs planning.