02J49981We all have to start sometime.  Well not strictly true.  Most people don’t start triathlon at anytime but if you are reading this then there is a good chance you have moved from the ‘not starting’  stage to a point where you may well be about to embark on a triathlon.

There are many reasons why people decide to become a triathlon beginner.  For some, like me, you may have become disillusioned with being an injured runner and have come to the conclusion that training for three disciplines will mean less likelihood of time off from training because you have a broken body.  Others, like me, start their triathlon career because they want a new challenge.  Some, like me, in a misguided moment on New Year’s Eve may have made a rash declaration to friends and family that  you are going to enter a Half Ironman triathlon race, whatever that is!  Or even, like me, you just wanted an excuse to buy a new shiny red carbon fibre bike (which turned out to be too small!).  Even, like me, your partner insists you are becoming a ‘fat waister’ and ought to start training again.

Whatever your reason for becoming a triathlon beginner, remember even World Champions  were beginners at some point. Before you embark on, training, technique, equipment, open water swimming, transition and the like, just take a minute to congratulate yourself on achieving triathlon ‘beginner’ status.  After all, most people don’t even get this far.

How long do you remain a beginner?  When do you move into the next category,  whatever that is?  The coaches answer is that we are always learning.  A spurious comment because this would mean we can never progress from beginner status.  Clearly not the case for those who blast past us in races.  So let’s say you stop being a beginner when you decide you are  ‘an improver’…  back to Qi Tri

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