Cyclists delight in riding up hill.  When I say ‘delight’ I am using the term whilst sitting in a warm room with a nice cup of tea well after having completed the ride.  During the climb I seem to recollect using other descriptive words. This of course is the essence of the hill climb.  Afterwards you always look back at it as having been a glorious challenge!

Whilst riding at a leisurely pace up a hill is ok, at some point, someone (whose name is confined to the history books), decided that ‘ok’ could be levitated to the dizzy heights of ‘great’ if the hill was climbed as part of a bicycle race.  Even better if it was the whole race.  From bottom to top.

Which is why I found myself on a foggy November day at the start line on Staley Royd Lane with the intention of racing up to ‘Tinker’s Monument’.  Known as the Jackson Bridge Hill climb the climb is  1.4km long  and 150m of ascent.

What happened next is between me and the timekeeper.  Suffice it to say I was coughing for the rest of the day.  A hill climb certainly clears your lungs.  Well done to everyone who took part in the Wakefield Triathlon Club Winter Series Jackson Bridge hill climb.  Bring on the next one.


Hill climb photos_0064Hill climb photos_0070Hill climb photos_0054_edited-1