I thought this new challenge might amuse you all.  In fact it is a fusion of sports that could help keep you interested on those long indoor sessions when the weather is appalling outside or  maybe your partner / mum and dad are away and you’ve decided to do some illicit extra miles on your rollers or turbo trainer in the living room … just me then …

Here we see a great example of extreme cycle roller training fused with extreme kendama.

Please note the rather nice fixed wheel Raleigh Banana bike, and the rider’s matching cap, which I’m sure you’ll agree, adds a certain something to the episode.  The cyclist / kendamaist is Sam Bradley, he has kindly annotated the video with the names of the kendama tricks for those of you who wish to emulate his performance.

I would be interested in any extreme turbo trainer or roller videos filmed by our readers since any ideas to make an indoor training session interesting can only help improve triathlon performance.

Caution.  The author in no way condones the riding of bicycles in a living room.

(Just in case my wife ever reads this blog.)

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