Dve OWS2My competitive swimming career ended at age 13 when the allure of orienteering, soccer, rugby  and  canoeing left little time for study let alone swimming training.  This meant more or less starting from scratch when triathlons came into my life.  After several weeks ploughing up and down the local pool it became apparent that I needed some help.

Total immersion were offering courses so I signed up for a weekend of intensive coaching.  It was exactly what I needed.  The course started from the very basics and gave me a ‘feel’ for swimming an effective freestyle stroke.  I was able to return to my local pool with some drills and technique to work on.

The lasting lesson from the course has stuck with me ever since.  The mantra ‘Don’t practice struggle’ is priceless.

We see so many swimmers, bikers and runners working hard to perfect terrible technique.  It doesn’t take a trained, qualified coach to recognise poor technique.  If you are struggling, expending vast amounts of energy to swim at the same pace as the kid in the next lane who can hardy lift a pull buoy, then there is something wrong.  STOP.  ‘Don’t practice struggle’.

If your technique is falling apart as you get further into your training set.  STOP.  ‘Don’t practice struggle’.

If you are racing and you are floundering.  SLOW DOWN.  Refocus on your technique.  ‘Don’t focus on struggle’. … return to swim

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