Springtime in Derbyshire Triathlon Training Camp

22nd and 23rd May 2015

Welcome to Springtime in Derbyshire  Triathlon Training Camp
Saturuday 22nd and Sunday 23rd May 2015

The Derbyshire Training Camp is centred around the delightful Peak District Village of Hathersage.  The open air Lido will be used for a swim session, while the hills up to Stanage Edge  will provide great running opportunities.    Want some classic cycle climbs?  The rise from Edale to Mam Nick  or Winnats pass are a brilliant test. Flatter cycling routes go alongside the beautiful Ladybower reservoir and up to the Derwent dams. The roads down to Chatsworth house and Bakewell are relatively flat and good for those who want a picturesque ride that it's too steep.  As you take the stunning run alongside the river Derwent and you will realise why Hathersage is such a brilliant place for our Training camp.

What is a training camp?

The itinerary for the training camp will reflect the needs of the people attending. (Example itineray) You will have opportunities to swim, bike and run in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside.  Springtime in Derbyshire is simply breathtaking.   There will be briefings and knowledge sessions to help you get the most out of the camp and inform your future training and racing plans.  Some skills sessions will be delivered for those who want them.

We will provide some suggested long rides group rides and runs for those who want to use the training camp for Ironman / Outlaw training.  If you want to build your confidence on some less testing rides and runs we will introduce you to the flatter roads and trails with plenty of opportunity for café stops.

The camp is also a great social event.  Hathersage has many cafes and pubs to relax in after a hard days training.

Who will benefit?

Training camps present an ideal opportunity to focus on your training without distraction.  Many of us would like the luxury of training like a pro athlete but work and life are a necessary distraction.  If you have a specific goal in mind for the year like competing in the Outlaw or completing an Olympic distance race for the first time then this weekend will really help you to focus and refine your training effort.

Training with other like-minded people gives you some valuable quality training time.  You also have the benefit of being able to tap into the expertise of top coaches who can help with your final push into the racing season.

This camp is open to all.  You don’t have to be a super star.  They will be focused on their specific sessions.  We will devise sessions to accommodate different abilities and needs. 

Itinerary Friday  22nd May arrival and Saturday 23rd May 2015

Friday  22nd May evening    Arrive
Saturday 23rd May 9:00       Welcome briefing

A  welcome briefing introduces the group to our team and the activities we  undertake over the weekend.

10:00     Bike ride

For experienced riders this will be a sportive style ride around a marked route through the best scenery in the area. Various options will be available to meet training needs.  Inexperienced riders may do a guided ride to build their confidence.

1:00      Lunch
1:45    Stimulating activity

A classroom based activity to consider the finer points of technique, planning your training or how to stay injury free.

2:45    Run 

A flat route or a fell route.  Either will be in glorious countryside.  We will also offer a run analysis.

4:30   To the Lido
5:00    Swim session in one of the loveliest pools in the UK

A discussion about run, bike and swim technique to give even the most experienced athletes something to work on after the camp

7:30   Dinner and social activity

Itinerary Sunday 24th  May 2015

9:00     Good Morning  briefing

After an outline of the day we set a training focus for each participant for the day.

9:30    Conditioning session

A few exercises to loosen the body.  We will also give you some activities you can do in the comfort of your own living room to improve your balance, flexibility and strenght

10:15     Bike ride

Different routes and different challenges

1:00      Lunch
1:45      Mindset training

A classroom based activity to help you stay focused and motivated in your training.  We also look at race day and how you can prepare mentally for your challenge.

2:30     Run   session

Possible Brick activity with transition training

Practice getting on and off your bike  with running

3:45    Tea
4:00    PPP

Planning, Preparation and Performance.   A classroom based session to help you structure your training, measure improvement and identify the areas where you can get improvements in your performance

5:00    Depart


The accommodation is comfortable but basic.  There are a number of dormitories which will help you relive those days when the communal experience was the norm.  St Michaels is usually used by school and cycle groups and is a cosy delightful place. St Michaels is situated at the heart of the village so is convenient for shops, cafes, pubs and the Hathersage open air pool.

The main hall provides our eating, social and classroom area.  There is also a classroom which we will use for bike storage.   The place is designed to accommodate wet gear.

For those who need the internet there is also a good Wi-Fi connection.

The main hall provides our eating, social and classroom area.  There is also a classroom which we will use for bike storage.   The place is designed to accommodate wet gear.

For those who need the internet there is also a good Wi-Fi connection.


£175 per person

What it includes?

Coaching, Accommodation for Friday and Saturday nights, Breakfast, Afternoon cake and evening meal.

Not included:

Personal insurance, towels, lunch

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