Marginal Gains

I note here in ‘Cycling’, a fine article by Charles Fearnley (the well know cyclists’ health and fitness expert) that: Cycling can never cause varicose veins ,,,  Read more

Terrific transitions

For the last few Friday evenings I‘ve had a great time coaching Wakefield Junior Triathletes.  They meet at Thornes Park Athletic Track for a 90 minute bike session.  Yes, 90 minutes! Up to 30 intrepid young triathletes age 8 – 16 brave the rain, wind, and sub-zero temperatures.  These athletes are tough and fearless. read more...

Monster Climbs Challenge Certificates

Thanks to William Bradley and Vicki Hare for the art work and Tom Elliott-Mell for the graphic design.  Based on original drawing by Marcel Duchamps... read more

Karen Darke Olympic Hand Cyclist 

I recently heard Karen Darke giving a truly inspiring speech at a Yes Group North event.  Karen had a rock climbing accident age 21, breaking her back, and now uses a wheel chair.  In itself this part of her story is an outstanding read in her book ‘If you fall … it’s a new beginning’.   read more