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I competed in my first race at the age of 11 in the Scout Cross Country Run around Rowley Park in Stafford.  It is still etched in my mind, not because I did any good, but because it was so fulfilling. Since then I’ve regularly raced in Orienteering, Fell Running, Adventure Racing, Cross Country Running, Cycling, Swimming and Triathlon.

My father, a lifelong cyclist, instilled a philosophy that you only learn as an athlete if you are prepared to try something new, you never know, it might help you improve.

As I embark on a coaching career I know I will come across great ideas which are worth a try.  Triathlon is a new sport but draws upon three sports which have been around a hundred years and more. Athletes have in all that time been looking for ways to help them train, compete and live better.  There is so much to discover, so much that has been forgotten, so maybe needs re-discovering.

This blog is simply an opportunity to present these good ideas to you.

Try them out if you think it might suit.  Let me know how it’s gone so everyone else might learn from your experience.

Qi Tri is for those ideas which are right out there on the fringes of ‘what more there could be’ and for sources of inspiration.

I take no responsibility for anything you read here, they are ideas, some might be grounded in research others will be complete quackery.  Make your own decisions.

The flagship of this site is the Monster Climbs Challenge. These are interesting, hard and hazardous. If you get the chance to try them you will possibly learn something about yourself.  Probably, that you  need to get fitter.

Think about safety first.  Don’t try anything unless you are willing to take responsibility for your decision and actions.


Dave Bradley

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