This is probably my favourite time of year.  I love the family get together over Christmas and touching base with friends. Those few days off between Christmas and New Year are a great time to do some training of the ‘not too serious kind’.  It does, however, require a plan.

I always go for a run on Christmas Day before setting too with making Christmas Dinner.  Yes, I do all the cooking.  This ‘tradition’ started with my first Christmas of married life, my wife was on night duty as a nurse, so I ran in the morning before cooking Christmas Dinner. This has been my Christmas Day routine ever since.  My father-in-law tried to scupper it one year by offering me a glass (or was it glasses) of very fine Champaign before I set off.  Who am I to refuse such a generous offer?  Big mistake.  I ran 12 miles, it was purgatory, and took forever.  Lesson learned.

One year I went out and forgot to put the Turkey in the oven.  Lunch delayed. Family unforgiving.  Lesson learned.

This year due to an operation on my ankle I can’t run but I will go for a ride after I’ve sorted the bird.

As you can see my training plan is strung around various social events.

On Tuesday 27th December my boys and I will be riding Monster Climbs Challenge: 11 out of 10.  If there is anyone interested in joining us, we will be setting off from the lay-by just above Bank View Café at 10:00.  My lads will hammer, it while I will be taking it easy due to a lack of riding recently. So anyone who would like to put them in their place will be most welcome.  While anyone who wants to take it easier, and enjoy the views between desperate hill climbs, can come and keep me company.  Should be fun.  Bank View Café or the pub afterwards to warm up and refuel!

New Year will be spent with my fell running friends at Malham Tarn Field Centre in the Yorkshire Dales.  This ‘traditional’ gathering lasts 3 days and involves beer, fell running, cake, biking, cava and fell running usually in that order.  No swimming in the Tarn at this time of year fortunately.

I’ve got a plan.  Lots of socialising, lots of steady training washed down with bonhomie. What could be better?

What’s your festive training plan? … back to Qi Tri

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